Mythical Abyss Revisited Repress

by Matt Akers




Remastered/Revisited Repress of 2012's limited MYTHICAL ABYSS. The 2nd edition is also limited to 50 copies.

*NOTE* If you own an original press of Mythical Abyss and would like to upgrade your digital copy send a photo of yourself with the cassette to

Mythical Abyss opens with a swirling, street-crawling battle hymn to pace your nocturnal footsteps through the blaggard-lined alleyways of a neglected city edge before Shanghaiing you into manning a hulking prison ship to the dead of the ocean. The driving wind of the electrical storm, a pealing foghorn, and the oscillating tones of casimir engines become your only constants on the brutal, rain-swept crossing before a chance encounter with an unmanned deuterium rig signals the next leg of the journey. Crew members slowly disappear as exploration of the lifeless mechanical shell, humming with vast banks of dials and switches, leads you into a solemn labyrinth of howling underground caverns deep below the water. Desperate for light as your torch dies down, you break through a sealed wall to a hidden nerve center that triggers a rush of dopamine into your panicking mind. You watch the esoteric vision plane set into the ancient wall, hoping for safe passage from the delirium, until a blinding, rapturous light takes over and all is calm. - Andrew King (


released May 17, 2015

Recorded direct to 4-track Feb-March 2012 at Second Variety, WA.

Analog synthesizer, drum programming, and guitar by Matthew Akers.

Remastered and Revisited January 2015.



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Matt Akers Vancouver, Washington

Electronic film music.

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